The health and safety of students, staff, faculty continues to be our top priority and is at the center of all return plans in development. Brookline has instituted several new policies and safety measures to help mitigate exposure to the COVID‐19 virus that include but are not limited to social distancing expectations, health monitoring, personal hygiene protocols, personal protective equipment and more frequent cleaning and sanitizing of the campus and equipment

In order to provide the safest possible environment, all students, staff, and faculty must understand and comply with the following requirements when on the Brookline campus.

Safety and Health Expectations

DO NOT come to campus if you are sick or if you have any signs or symptoms of illness including but not limited to fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Students should report any confirmed case of COVID-19 to the Student Services Advisor/Campus Director and staff should report any confirmed case to their supervisor or human resources.

By returning to the campus you are indicating that you are not sick, do not have any symptoms of illness and agree to abide by the policies and procedures outlined below.

Social Distancing

All students, staff and faculty should maintain recommended distances of 6-feet between individuals.  Brookline will display signage and physical markers to remind of expectations. Students will be assigned to groups of nine or less with one instructor and common areas will be monitored to ensure gatherings remain below the suggested thresholds.

**Albuquerque, NM campus – Students will be assigned to groups of 4 or less in conjunction with state guidelines

Health Monitoring

All Brookline students, staff, and faculty will have their temperature checked and answer a basic symptom screening questionnaire each day upon entering the campus. Anyone exhibiting a temperature under 100 degrees and without a history of symptoms will be permitted to enter. Each person will be marked with a handstamp to signify that they comply with health measures on that given day.

Personal Hygiene

All students, staff and faculty entering the campus will be expected to use hand sanitizer provided by Brookline College. In addition to wearing protective face coverings at all times while on campus, Brookline expects all students, staff, and faculty to follow CDC guidelines of frequent hand washing using soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds and/or the

use of hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol when hand washing is not readily available. Avoid touching

your eyes, nose, and mouth and practice “respiratory etiquette” regarding coughing or sneezing.

Personal Protective Equipment

All Brookline students, staff, and faculty are strongly encouraged to wear protective face coverings while on campus. Brookline will supply a face mask for anyone that needs one, or individuals may wear their own. Anyone using a personal, reusable mask should follow CDC guidelines for maintaining and sanitizing a reusable mask.

**Albuquerque, NM campus – Protective face coverings are mandatory in conjunction with state guidelines

Avoid Gathering

Students, staff, and faculty should not congregate in any campus facility, including parking areas. Common areas, including student and staff lounges, break rooms, and study rooms have been reconfigured to reduce capacity or will be closed until further notice. In addition, restrooms have been designated as single‐use restrooms to ensure safe social distance (one person at a time).


All classrooms and laboratories will be cleaned between uses. All campus facilities will be cleaned multiple times each day to promote safety and hygiene. Students and faculty should use single‐use or disposable equipment whenever possible and dispose of equipment immediately after use. When the use of disposable equipment is not possible, students should clean and disinfect any materials or equipment prior to and after using.

IgG Testing

Students, staff or faculty who test positive (with or without symptoms) for COVID-19 will be excluded from campus and/or extern sites until 10 days have passed since the date of the first positive test, assuming resolution of fever and improvement of respiratory symptoms (if applicable) coupled with two negative respiratory sputum specimens collected greater than 24 hours apart.

**Albuquerque, NM campus – Employees with known close contact to a person who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 is prohibited to return to work until authorized by the Department of Health in conjunction with state guidelines

Compliance with Established Protocols

Any student who is unwilling or unable to comply with any of the above provisions should contact their campus Student Services Advisor or Campus Director.

Any staff or faculty member who is unwilling or unable to comply with any of the above provisions should contact your Campus Director or a Human Resources representative.