Our Purpose 

The Purpose of Brookline College is to prepare students socially and academically for success in the career of their choice. We deliver an outstanding educational experience through quality faculty, industry proven educational tools and extraordinary support of our students’ academic accomplishments.

• Faculty – Our faculty are qualified based on education and practical work experience. They have extensive industry experience and have actually done the job for years.

• Educational Tools – We use a curriculum development process that includes the input of industry panelists and subject matter experts as to the needs and trends of the program of study. Our process results in programs that are industry-focused and based on competency preparedness.

• Student Accomplishment – Brookline College graduates are required to successfully complete courses focused on the core components of this job and professionalism in the work environment. In doing so, they have been tested on the hands-on skills needed to prepare them for employment at your company. They’re ready to start their career.

Our Graduate Quality Guarantee Program

As an employer of one of our graduates we consider you to be a customer. We want to thank you and assure you that hiring a Brookline College graduate is always the right decision.

We have such confidence in our graduates that we are offering you a quality guarantee. If you feel that our graduate, your employee, needs additional training in any aspect of their job, let us know.

Why a Graduate Quality Guarantee Program?

We strongly believe in the great service we provide not only to our graduates but to the employment community in general. We are invested in changing the lives of our graduates and to positively impacting the quality of the workforce worldwide.

We know that in today’s economy employers have an abundance of employee applicants from which to choose and we want employers to invest in our graduates and thus invest in us. Investments require trust and we hope to cement that trust by putting it in writing that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

How Does it Work?

If for any reason you feel that our graduate would benefit from additional training, either clinically or professionally, simply contact our Career Services Department. We will take the necessary steps to ensure that your concerns are addressed in a timely fashion and additional training is provided at no cost to you or the graduate. It is that simple. We want you to be entirely satisfied and we want our graduates to have a career, not just a job.

Hire Our Grads

We hope that you recognize our dedication to excellence and take us up on our commitment to provide the best possible employees to the community at large. For more information about hiring our graduates click here.