Vision Statement

At Brookline College, our vision is focused on providing you with the education and skills that will empower you to reach your goals. This commitment is clearly reflected in our mission statement below:


Brookline College is an independent, accredited institution dedicated to meeting the educational needs of a developing multicultural society. The institution is committed to preparing students academically and professionally to meet the constantly changing employment requirements of business, industry, public service organizations, and medical support agencies functioning in a highly advanced and expanding technological community.

At Brookline College, we strive to provide you with a high-quality educational experience. Whether you will be attending one of our ground campuses or online, you have chosen a college that is dedicated to your success. Our faculty and staff are committed to doing everything they can to provide you with the opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills required for entry-level employment. Our team will support you every step of the way in your journey.


  1. To provide comprehensive, concentrated, qualitative educational programs, which will guide the student through the development of the competencies needed to meet the employment requirements in a highly technological environment.
  2. To provide services that will support a diverse student body in their pursuit of post-secondary education on a variety of levels and eliminate the barriers to the completion of their educational objectives.
  3. To provide innovative approaches and methodologies in a non-traditional educational environment emphasizing a multiplicity of skills.
  4. To recognize and integrate lifelong learning and academic experiences as they would apply to each student’s program of study.
  5. To provide students with access to faculty members whose academic qualifications and practical experience will provide the valuable leadership necessary to prepare students for successful integration into the workplace.
  6. To provide learners with the academic, cognitive, and professional skills necessary for career advancement.
  7. To provide all students with a hands-on working knowledge of information technology procedures and applications.