Crime and Security Information for Brookline College

Brookline College complies with the Campus Crime and Security Act of 1990 and publishes the required campus crime and security report on October 1 of each year. Should students be witnesses to or victims of a crime, they should immediately report the incident to the local law enforcement agency and to campus administration. Emergency numbers are posted throughout the school. The security of all school members is a priority. Each year the College publishes a report outlining security and safety information, as well as crime statistics for the community. This report provides suggestions about crime prevention strategies as well as important policy information on emergency procedures, reporting of crimes and support services for victims of sexual assault. This report is available at each campus. For comprehensive information, please see section titled Commitment to a Safe and Clean Environment in the student handbook. Students with ideas, concerns or suggestions for improved safety are encouraged to share them, without fear of reprisal, with a faculty member or bring them to the attention of the Campus Director. Brookline College strives to provide a safe and healthy school environment. Students who have medical conditions that would prevent them from engaging in course activities such as working with radiography or certain chemicals should contact the Campus Director.