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Hello my name is Danielle Trujque and the day I came back to school changed my life! It all started when my children were asking me mom why don’t you work? You see previous to this I was just a stay at home mom. Well I’m going to take the “just” out of that because being a stay at home mom is not just anything it is a lot of TLC. But like I said they asked me and I told them, “Because I’m the type of person who cares deeply about you guys and do not want to miss a thing! Their response, “Well that’s why we have mouths mommy you won’t miss a thing with our motor mouths.” At that second I realized they were right! Then my fiancé Steven started telling me it would be a great idea for me to go back to school. It took a lot of trial and error to get back in. Since I didn’t graduate, I still needed my G.E.D. So not only did I have to find a G.E.D course that accepted people who were 21 and older but I also needed to find a course that fit my schedule. My fiancé works nights so that makes it that much harder to find a course. But we did it as a team and found course at CNM. That went great and after 3 months I had the courage to take the test, (despite my fear of test taking) I passed with a 580! But, after I got my G.E.D, to me, it just wasn’t enough. My whole life I’ve loved to learn! So then my family had another crazy idea COLLEGE!! That was a wonderful idea! So me, my fiancé, and my son dropped off my girls at school and came to the first college we saw which was Brookline College. I heard about the scheduling and thought I couldn’t lose by having the option to choose! I practically floated to Steve’s desk! Coming in I thought I wanted to do pharmacy but Steve told me about all the opportunities I could capture being an accountant and I decided, well then I’ll be an accountant. I love the fact that everyone here is like a big family, everyone is very nice and helpful. And with the More Than 1 Future offer maybe I can still be a pharmacist. Thank you guys for your time and allowing me to share my testimony with you. Remember never give up and always follow your dreams!
Danielle Trujeque

In November of 2011 my husband and I were watching TV and a commercial came on for a private college and I said to him, like so many times before “I would really like to go to school, but I don’t know when I would have the time.” This is when he looked at me and said one of the greatest things he has ever said…” Then stop talking about it and do it.” So the next day I did, I called as many schools as I could and set up appointments, I then loaded up my two children and we set out. We spent most of the day being told that the curriculum was hard and it was near impossible to go to night classes with two children. Needless to say I was frustrated by the time I walked into Brookline. But I was very pleasantly surprised to see a huge smile and genuine “How are you?” I signed in and was taken back to see my admissions represenitive right away. This was the first school all day that didn’t make me feel bad for having my children with me. Instead they gave my little ones something to color on and played with them more then they spoke to me. I was given a tour and every question I had was answered right away and with no hesitation or sugar coating. While I was filling out the paperwork a man walked in and sat down, he got on the floor with my kids and played with them for about 15 minutes before he finally introduced himself to me, turned out to be an instructor for the Pharmacy Technician program. I told him I was signing up to be a pharmacy tech and he hugged me and said he was excited to see me in class. I went home that evening excited to start school in a few months. I told my husband and parents, then called my family all around the country and told them my good news. Shortly came January 23, 2012 and I was in my first night of class, and that crazy man that hugged me when I signed up was my teacher. Needless to say I was a bit nervous. After all it had been years since I was in a classroom and my kids were at home going to bed and I was not there. I sat there listening to all the things we would be dong in class over the next 5 weeks, and I thought to myself that this would never work out. I was going to have a hard time working full time going to school full time and being mommy and wife!!! How was I going to work this out?!?!?!? But by the end of the night I was sure I could do it. The passion of the people I met to help me was a comfort. Two weeks into class I was approached and asked if I would like to help out in the schools Community Crew and help with a Frito Pie sale to raise some money, I thought it would be great and jumped at the opportunity. After this I was introduced to our Director of Student Services, and she asked if I had ever thought of applying for a work study position. I had not but though I would give it a try. So I applied and got the job!!! I worked at the school for a few hours a day after my shift as a waitress at a popular restaurant that was only open in the mornings, then was in school till ten every night. I was worn down, so I talked with my husband about the situation and we decided that the job at the school was a great asset and put my notice in at the restaurant. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. While working at the School I moved up the ranks of the Community Crew and began heading the projects with our Student Services Director and also became a Student Mentor. I also made some wonderful connections and even better friends. I got to help in the planning of some great events while I was at the school. My time working there was very memorable and meant a lot to me, I learned a lot while taking the classes and learning the ends and outs of different departments. I loved the classes I took, and I excelled at my classes. Getting my Directors award for my 4.0 was a very proud moment. Also, 6 months into my program I got my license early and was hired at a clinic before I had even graduated!!! It was a great feeling knowing that my accomplishments had got me a position over graduates. I decided that the clinic I was at was not the setting I wanted to be in after a few months and came back to my position at the school. Then I applied for a great position in a mail in pharmacy and went through an incredible detailed interview process and was offered a position, and this gave me not just a job with great pay and benefits but also a paid extern. Another incredibly pound moment was getting to speak at my graduation. I got to tell everyone how much I appreciated them in front of the whole school, and my children were able to watch their mother accomplish so much. Less than a year from when I am writing this I was a waitress with nothing but dreams of a better life for my kids, and now I not only graduated with a 4.0, but I have a fantastic job and have made lifelong friends. Brookline was a light in a dark tunnel; it opened numerous opportunities for me. Because of Brookline I know with great people behind me I can do everything I put my mind to and go above and beyond in every aspect of my life!!!!
Emily Harris

My name is GeriAnn Sandoval. I am a student at Brookline College studying for my Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. My experience here at Brookline College has been amazing. I came to Brookline to get a higher education and better myself. Before I actually came to Brookline College things were not so great for me. I did not know where I was going and I did not know what I was going to do. I guess that’s why they call it life. When I started at Brookline in January I thought I was not going to make it, but here I am nine months later still going strong. I would have to say that it was the greatest decision in my life, because I do not know where I would be if I did not come back to school. I would probably be somewhere working at a place that I do not enjoy. Right now I am a Federal Work Study student at Brookline, working with all the Administrative Staff. I enjoy working and being able to talk to everyone and help them with their projects. So far in my studies, I have learned a lot. I have learned about Terrorism, Corrections, Criminal Investigations, Juvenile Justice, Private Security and others. My favorite class was Criminal Investigations. It was my favorite class because I got to see how people commit so many crimes and why they commit those crimes. Other things that I have found interesting about my classes were why juveniles get affiliated with gangs and how women are treated differently in prisons than how men are treated. Before I started at Brookline College I thought that it was going to be the same as any other college. By that I mean I thought there was going to be no room for other students in classrooms. But for my first class I only had four classmates. I found that the small class size helped me to get more one on one time with the instructor and get to know my fellow classmates. I thought that instructors were going to be stuck up and boring, but they were pretty cool. Instructors were cool due to the fact that they had actual experience in the field of criminal justice. Their stories were very exciting. I will have my Associate’s Degree by the time I turn twenty-one. When I do come back for my Bachelor’s Degree I will almost be twenty-two. With my degree I plan on being a Crime Scene Investigator and putting criminals away.
GeriAnn Sandoval

I enrolled at [another college] to attend their Medical Assistant program and like every returning student I was super excited and of course nervous to take that first big step. In all my excitement I wanted everyone to know about it; so I posted it on my Facebook status. My excitement started to fade away when I received negative feedback from my friends. I was receiving comments such as, “Be prepared to teach yourself, the teachers suck” or “it was too expensive my friend attended a better and more affordable one. Now I’m stuck with student loans and out of pocket costs.” My nervous feelings turned into worry, I felt as if I had made a mistake. This was on a Friday and classes began that following Monday. I turned to my best friend for advice and she saved my future! She told me that her neighbor attended [another college] and was greatly unsatisfied with their program. She also added that her neighbor told her that at her work place students that attended Brookline College are better trained than what she was. Without a second thought I immediately called to set up an appointment with Brookline and they gave it to me that next day which was a Saturday. As I arrived to Brookline I felt like their environment was so welcoming. I got a tour around to see what the Medical Assistant classes would be like and I fell in love with it. At Brookline College they offer better opportunities like the “More than one future” program, which no other college offers. Brookline has no enrollment fees, the costs are more affordable, and the out of pocket cost is less. Brookline gives you the choice of morning or evening classes, which accommodate me well with a working schedule.
Rocio Toruga