Undergraduate Admission Requirements

In order to apply to Brookline College, it is our policy that a student must be a citizen of the United States or an eligible non-citizen as classified by the Department of Homeland Security.

In addition, applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of admission and possess a high school diploma or GED (or equivalent). If a prospective student is less than 18 years of age, they may be permitted to enroll if they obtain parent or legal guardian signature of approval or demonstrate that they are otherwise covered under state emancipation statutes.

Non-Degree Seeking (NDS) Students

Occasionally an individual wishes to take single courses at Brookline College without seeking admission as a student desiring to pursue a degree or diploma objective. Such students may enroll for single courses as ‘Non-Degree Seeking’ (NDS) students, provided they hold a high-school diploma or GED and meet all of the required admission policies listed in the College Catalog.

Such non-degree seeking students are not eligible for any form of financial assistance. They must comply with all policies and procedures contained in the College Catalog. Re-enrollment as a non-degree seeking student may be denied if the student’s GPA falls below a 2.0. A maximum of 12 semester credits taken as a non-degree seeking student may be applied toward a Brookline College degree or diploma, however, taking courses as a non-degree seeking student does not constitute admission to a program or imply later, applicability of those courses towards a degree or diploma. See Credit for Previous Education section of the College Catalog for transfer credit policies.

Non-Immigrant Student Admission Requirements

Brookline College is approved and authorized to accept non-immigrant students by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). The following Brookline campuses have been approved to admit non-immigrant students:

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Albuquerque, NM

Non-immigrant students must complete a non-immigrant admission application to be considered for enrollment.

Non-immigrant students must provide the DSO with the following documents at the time of enrollment prior to start date:

  • Form I-20
  • Non-immigrant Student Visa (F-1 or M-1)
  • Passport (current)
  • Form I-94
  • TOEFL Scores

In addition, non-immigrant students must provide all documents required by DHS and Brookline College and meet any admittance requirement stated, by the College Catalog.

Proof of English Language Proficiency

All non-immigrant student applicants must provide Brookline College with proof of English language skills to pursue enrollment with the College. Non-immigrant students can either: a) provide, in form of official transcripts successful completion of coursework from an accredited high school or English language school certified with SEVP, b) take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test to determine their language skills in English and meet the minimum score requirements.

A minimum score of 550 on the paper-based and 84 on the internet-based TOEFL test is required as proof of proficiency in English. This test must be submitted directly from the testing organization to the campus, sent to the attention of the DSO, where the non-immigrant student is applying.

Unless the primary language of the non-immigrant student is English, and the College can confirm, then the student is not required to take the TOEFL test.

There is no limited amount of times a student can take a test. TOEFL test scores are valid for two (2) years after the test date. The official scores become part of the permanent student record once the student has enrolled with the College.

Financial Affidavit or Proof of Financial Support

Non-immigrant students must provide proof of financial support or financial affidavit that tuition and living expense can be covered. The following are acceptable proofs:

  • Bank statements of letters from sponsors showing said evidence that tuition can be covered including living expenses for a minimum of one (1) year.
  • Completed financial affidavit signed by the prospective non-immigrant student and sponsor(s).

Proof of High School or Secondary School Graduation

For information refer to Eligibility section under Admittance Requirements policy found in the College Catalog.

Transfer of Credits from Postsecondary School

Non-immigrant students requesting transfer of credits from a postsecondary school must have official transcript evaluated and translated (if applicable) from a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE).

For additional information on transfer of credits refer to the Transfer Credits from Other Institutions policy found in the College Catalog.

Graduate Admission Requirements

All applicants enrolling into a master’s degree program must have evidence of completion of a baccalaureate degree from a nationally or regionally accredited institution.

Applicants that graduated from a foreign post-secondary school must provide proof. A certified copy of credentials or official transcripts translated (if applicable) and evaluated by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or the Association of International Credentials Evaluators, Inc. (AICE) must be submitted prior to enrollment.

Additional Admissions Requirements

There are additional program specific requirements that may also need to be met. These include, but are not limited to background checks, immunizations, and/or other prerequisites for admission.

Brookline is not currently accepting applications for any program in the following states:

Detailed information is available in the Brookline College catalog (click here). All applicants are advised to check with an Admissions Representative for specific information on these requirements, prior to enrolling.