Medical Assisting Program Overview

Dive into a dynamic healthcare career by earning your Medical Assisting diploma. Our comprehensive training program is designed for aspiring Medical Assistants seeking entry-level positions in various healthcare settings, including clinics, physicians’ offices, or urgent care facilities.

Our focused curriculum equips you with critical skills, including patient interaction, basic coding & billing, office procedures, and proficient handling of medical documentation and electronic medical records. In addition, our blend of traditional classroom instruction and hands-on experience in real-world labs and simulations ensures that you learn and actively apply your knowledge.

In as little as 34 weeks, our accelerated program can transform you into a well-rounded healthcare professional ready to support and uplift the lives of your future patients. With the demand for Medical Assistants projected to rise 16% by 2031, there’s no better time to embark on this rewarding journey. Enroll at Brookline College and start shaping your future in healthcare today.

34 Weeks

Accelerated Program

Career Training

Medical Assistant

Hands-On Learning

Real-World Labs & Simulations

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