Medical Laboratory Science Program Overview

Dive into the critical field of Medical Laboratory Science, and be the driving force behind disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Our bachelor’s degree program is meticulously crafted to equip you for entry-level positions in the clinical laboratory, providing a balanced mix of classroom learning, clinical instruction, and professional seminars.

In our Medical Laboratory Science program, you’ll learn how to perform and evaluate intricate laboratory tests that are pivotal in healthcare. You’ll gain hands-on experience analyzing bodily fluids and determining their normal or abnormal components. With just 128 weeks of immersive learning, you can earn your bachelor’s degree and enter a rewarding career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist.

As a NAACLS-accredited program, we offer a curriculum based on the proven roles and responsibilities of entry-level practitioners, giving you opportunities to apply learned concepts, attitudes, values, and skills in realistic learning environments, both clinical and simulated.

Don’t wait to start shaping your future in the medical laboratory field. Begin your journey to a fulfilling and high-demand career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist with Brookline College today.



100% Graduation Rate

for Graduates 7/2022-6/2023

100% Placement Rate

for Graduates 7/2022-6/2023

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