The ultimate goal of faculty and staff at Brookline College is to help students successfully complete their academic program and support the students in whatever way possible to achieve that goal. Here are some of the services Brookline College provides as well as other student information.

Advisement is available at Brookline College to all students through the Student Services office, instructors, Program Directors, the Director of Education, and the Campus Director at each location. Advisement is available to online students through the online program staff as well as the residential campuses. All advising is conducted confidentially unless directed otherwise by the student or required by Brookline College staff. Advising sessions and documentation will be treated in accord with the College’s FERPA policy.

Other Services

There are many things that can impact a student’s success while in school. At Brookline College, we strive to offer whatever support we can to assist students. This may include tutoring, referring students to community agencies, and bus passes at discounted prices, depending on the campus location. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the Student Services Advisor, Director of Education, Program Director, and/or Extern Coordinator if they are encountering difficulties.

Student Lounge

Each campus has a student lounge, which is conveniently located to provide a comfortable environment for students wishing to relax during breaks from academic activities. Each lounge provides vending machines for student convenience.


Ample free parking is available at each campus within walking distance of all classrooms.

Technology Checklist

For students taking an online course with questions about the type of technology that is needed, we’ve compiled this Technical Requirements Checklist to assist you. If you have questions about the list or need assistance with access to technology please speak with your student services advisor.

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