To inquire about hiring a Brookline College graduate please contact:

Natasa Peric
Career Services Lead
Brookline College
T: 602-644-7012

Our Graduate Quality Guarantee Program

As an employer of one of our graduates we consider you to be a customer. We want to thank you and assure you that hiring a Brookline College graduate is always the right decision.

We have such confidence in our graduates that we are offering you a quality guarantee. If you feel that our graduate, your employee, needs additional training in any aspect of their job, let us know.

Why a Graduate Quality Guarantee Program?

We strongly believe in the great service we provide not only to our graduates but to the employment community in general. We are invested in changing the lives of our graduates and to positively impacting the quality of the workforce worldwide.

We know that in today’s economy employers have an abundance of employee applicants from which to choose and we want employers to invest in our graduates and thus invest in us. Investments require trust and we hope to cement that trust by putting it in writing that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

To learn more about the Brookline College Graduate Quality Guarantee Program click here.