Shevonne Scott

At Brookline College, you will learn from qualified instructors and professionals committed to seeing their students succeed –like the Dean of Nursing, Shevonne Scott. Dean Scott was the Chief Nurse in the military for 20 years before she started working at Brookline. “I’ve been at Brookline for almost two years and I love it,” says Scott. The majority of the programs at Brookline College include the opportunity to get experience in the real world before you graduate. With small class sizes, you will get the opportunity to interact closely with the faculty. Our faculty really cares about education, but more importantly, about their students. “I am here to help them in life, in some ways, I’m a life coach. Students can come and talk to me anytime, which is something you will not get at a larger place. I think that’s the Brookline difference.”Brookline College is more than a school, it’s a second home. The faculty makes it feel like a family. Even though it’s a small college –it’s a place where you can take risks, become a better person and strive toward a big future.