Infographic describing the high demand for medical lab techs and registered nurses. 11% job growth projected through 2028.

Healthcare: A Rising Star on the Job Front

Now is the time to enter the healthcare field. In just the past year, healthcare generated more than $200 billion in revenue in the U.S. alone. To keep up with the demand, new medical facilities—hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, physicians’ offices and ambulatory healthcare services—are being built.

People in support positions will be needed to staff these medical facilities—positions that are expected to see a big increase in job growth (18.2 percent). If you’re drawn to patient care, you may want to become a registered nurse. You’ll administer and monitor patient medications, insert catheters, plan a patient’s health care, dress wounds, take vitals and recognize abnormalities. Additionally, you’ll have built non-clinical skills and should be able to admit and discharge patients safely and appropriately.

If you prefer science and research, you might consider becoming a medical lab technician. You’ll operate laboratory equipment to test biological specimens that can help diagnose and treat patient conditions and analyze these specimens to check for abnormalities. You’ll then process your findings and enter the information into the computer. The “technician” part of your job is important because you must be computer savvy so that you can enter data and possibly even write software.

If you’re looking for a career with a purpose and solid earning potential, consider healthcare. Brookline College can put you en route to a big future. Take a look at the possibilities listed below.