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Surviving your first year as a nurse

How to Survive Your First Year as a Nurse Graduating from nursing school is a major achievement, but nothing compares to beginning your first nursing job. Suddenly, everything has come together; you can apply all that you learned to treat patients. It’s exciting, certainly, but your first year as a nurse will also be frustrating, […]

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Are we Contributing or Complacent?

By Cathleen Raffaeli, CEO & Chairman of the Board Brookline College. I’m sharing my personal story today to stand in solidarity with George Floyd and the countless others who have felt the anguish of police exerting excessive force. My white, often-misguided upper middle-class son was shot by police, in his bedroom at his father’s condo, […]

Surgical Technician Spotlight

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Online vs. Remote Learning: What’s the Difference?

During these pandemic days, education as we once knew it has changed. Schools are closed, but resilience, innovation and modification keep the learning going. Many schools offer online learning, and some offer remote learning. Wait … isn’t that the same thing? What’s the difference between online and remote learning? Online learning usually is a course or […]

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Online Learning

The change to online or E-learning came suddenly and quickly. Many professors and teachers had to switch their curriculum to fit an online learning style. Some may think it is as simple as setting up the course, opening up a Zoom account and expecting your students to show up to the online lecture. However, to […]

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A Profile of Brookline College’s Career Services Team

Brookline’ College’s motto of “small school, big future” takes center stage in what Mandie Benavidez and Elise Alva, Co-directors of Student Outcomes, do every day in the Career Services department. “We’ve really looked at the career and the student as a whole and where can they take that,” says Benavidez. Benavidez and Alva—along with faculty […]