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At Brookline College, our mission states “we believe in meeting the educational needs of a developing multicultural society.” The knowledge, skills and opportunity created through education is one of the most powerful tools we have, as a society, in the fight against racism, oppression and discrimination to ensure social justice. It is my experience that ignorance is too frequently the barren soil where the weeds of racism and oppression flourish.


Cathi Raffaeli 

President – Hamilton-White Group



We must take great care in cultivating our minds through education. Part of this education must include fostering a greater understanding and sensitivity of all cultures. Effective immediately, we’ll be adding “culture across our curriculum” and make sure we infuse conversations on race, social justice and democracy into our course work and classrooms to ensure that we play our destined role, as a College, to eliminating ignorance and bias.

I, personally, am not watching from the sidelines any longer. I’ll use my network and influence to ensure all students and staff members engage in constructive dialogue about these sensitive topics and know how to make their voice heard.

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Are We Contributing or Are We Complacent?




Vinod Paniker

Head of Product Management – Prudential Financial

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Friends, as a country, we are hurting today. Acknowledge racism exists. Remember MLK’s call for action – injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere! Join the peaceful march for #blacklivesmatter




Dr. Deforest Soaries

Philanthropist – Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Garden

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Let us be clear: we need law enforcement. That is undeniably true. Having been abducted at gunpoint and saved by a white police officer myself, I will never deny the need for police. But I also cannot deny that we have a problem that is much larger and deeper than one, two, or even a handful of incidents. #GeorgeFloyd #BreonnaTaylor #

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How We Can Breathe Again 




Dr. Oksana Malysheva

Managing Partner/CEO at Sputnik ATX

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#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd is a call for our humanity to stand up and speak.  ENOUGH!

I am not willing to live in a world where one man can take another man’s life by squeezing his last breath with his knee.  I am not willing to leave this world to my kids.

Our collective humanity had been violated.  The blatant violation of basic human rights is haunting. We have seen it before in the US, in Nazi Germany, in Bosnia, in Somalia.

One of my favorite quotes from MLK is, “Darkness can not drive out darkness, only love can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that.”

This is a call for all of us to do whatever is necessary to be certain this never happens again. I am convinced that many police are good humans that would put their lives on the line to protect all civilians. But the systems in place must change.




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