The importance of voting in your local, state, and national elections is something that cannot be overstated. In order to make your voice heard on the important issues that are facing our nation today, you need to register to vote. The next time an election comes around, you will feel proud knowing that your opinion was part of what makes this country great. For your convenience, below are links to voter information and registration:

Arizona – Office of the Secretary of State

New Mexico – Secretary of State

Consider some very important pieces of information courtesy of

  • If your community is turning out well below other neighborhoods, elected officials will pay less attention, make fewer appearances and fewer appeals to your neighborhoods. Who votes has a powerful impact on public policy and government. Your constituents have policy and political concerns – whether the direction of an issue or priorities of public budgets – that won’t be heard if they don’t vote.
  • For the past three decades voters have been disproportionately of higher income, older or more partisan in their interests. Parallel to participation gaps are widening gaps in wealth, reduced opportunity for youth and frustration with the polarization in politics. How would our world be different if everyone participated?
  • Among the most studied are that voters are known to be more engaged in other activities like volunteering or contacting their election official. They are more informed about local affairs and a contributor to their neighborhood’s “social capital.” Voters live in communities where there is more trust and people have contact with their neighbors. They are more concerned about their communities and peers and have a greater sense of their ability to impact the world around them.