About The Surgical Technology Program In Tucson

Considering a career in healthcare? Surgical Technology offers a unique blend of experiences and responsibilities that distinguish them from other healthcare roles. Furthermore, you can start this rewarding journey without committing to a lengthy four-year college degree. The Surgical Technology program in Tucson, Arizona, empowers you to earn your associate degree in under two years.

Surgical Technologists, commonly referred to as Scrub Techs, are the unsung heroes of the operating room. They ensure that surgeries are conducted efficiently and safely. As critical members of the surgical team, they handle everything from preparing patients and sterilizing equipment to managing the flow of surgical instruments during a procedure. Before an operation, the Scrub Techs ensure the entire surgical team is primed, prepared, and “scrubbed in.”

The real essence of our program goes beyond traditional classroom learning. In the supervised externship, you’ll immerse yourself in hands-on experiences alongside seasoned professionals. This is where you’ll truly understand the depth and importance of a Surgical Technologist’s responsibilities.

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