About the BSN Program in Phoenix

In the heart of Phoenix, Brookline College offers an exceptional BSN program, tailored for the ambitious. Here, you can achieve an entry-level bachelor’s degree in nursing in as little as three years. Our innovative approach condenses what’s typically a four-year journey, enabling our students to leap into their nursing careers faster and more confidently.

What sets us apart? We’re not just an educational institution; we’re your career partner. From day one until you don the cap of a BSN Registered Nurse, we stand by you, offering unparalleled support and guidance. Our promise? To champion your goals, ensuring you’re not only educated but empowered. Our program even offers customized tutoring sessions from our pool of experienced faculty members in all nursing subject areas, including dosage calculations, pharmacology, pediatrics, mental health, and more.

If our vision aligns with yours and you’re ready to fast-track your nursing aspirations, simply fill out our contact form. Our friendly admissions representatives are eager to discuss your bright future.

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