The following English Web Guide has been made available to the students of Brookline College as a support resource throughout their enrollment and beyond their graduation. The guides included on this particular page should be a valuable resource in any courses that include writing requirements or require the student to research existing publications. If you have any helpful suggestions for adding resources to this page, please contact your instructor or the leadership at your campus. We hope that you find these resources beneficial to your academic progress and wish you the best of luck as you continue to pursue your degree or diploma at Brookline College.

English Grammar:

Guide to Grammar & Writing – Handouts on grammar and English usage; over 170 quizzes
Online English Grammar – Click on icons–Contents, Punctuation, Writing Tips, and English tests

Writing Help:

Online Writing Lab (OWL) – Search by keyword or scroll down to see a list of topics to click on

How to Cite Your Sources (write a bibliography) and Format Your Paper:

APA Formatting and Style Guide
MLA Formatting and Style Guide

How to Cite Your Online Sources:

Citing Online Sources (from World Wide Words)
APA Electronic References

Literature Sites (See also Ebrary Online Books on the LRC home page): Great Books Online – Complete books and poetry; dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.
Carrie: A Full-Text Electronic Library – Complete books, poems, etc., online
Quotations – Contains Bartlett’s Quotations and other famous sayings and phrases

Language Sites:

TravLang: Foreign Languages for Travelers – 80 languages