The following History and Biography Web Guide has been made available to the students of Brookline College as a support resource throughout their enrollment and beyond their graduation. The guides included on this particular page should be a valuable resource in any courses that include assignments reviewing historical events or require the student to research existing publications. If you have any helpful suggestions for adding resources to this page, please contact your instructor or the leadership at your campus. We hope that you find these resources beneficial to your academic progress and wish you the best of luck as you continue to pursue your degree or diploma at Brookline College.

History Sites:

History: Central Catalogue – WWW Virtual Library. Select a continent, a time, or a topic, and find the history of that place or topic.
History Channel – Click on Topics in the top menu or More Topics in the left menu. – In the left menu, click on Today in History or on one of the Historynet magazines. This site has a lot of images, as well as information.
Internet History Sourcebooks Project – Covers ancient, medieval, and modern history; also divided into topics such as the history of Africa, east Asia, India, women, science; and Jewish, Islamic, gay/lesbian, and global history.
Portals to the World: Links to Electronic Resources from Around the World – Click on a country, then on a topic, and find many links to sites dealing with that topic. There are also links to firsthand information from the country itself. For example, under Afghanistan, Society, is a link to an Afghan site with Afghan biographies.
Perseus Digital Library – Click on Classics: it contains an overview of Greek and Roman history, all of the literature, and more than 56,000 images. The site also covers the English Renaissance and Shakespeare.

Biography Sites:

Biographies – Internet Public Library. Scroll down to click on a sub-heading or scroll further to see links to biographies of African Americans in history, Buscabiografias, distinguished women past and present, and many more. (over 25,000 of the greatest lives, past and present) – Type in a name or a keyword, or search by category, such as inventors, infamous people, designers, actors, etc.