E-Business News and Journals
Ecommerce-Guide.com: News, Reviews, and Practical Solutions for your Online Business – Site has very up-to-date news, trends in online businesses, articles, and a whole section on selling on eBay.

Economics and Statistics:

Bureau of Labor Statistics – U.S. statistics on wages, prices, unemployment rate, all aspects of employment, etc.
Occupational Outlook Handbook – Published annually by the U.S. Dept. of Labor; features information on jobs for the current year, i.e., job descriptions, educational level needed, average earnings, working conditions, etc.
Bureau of Economic Analysis – National and international statistics

Human Resources:

Human Resources – About.com’s guide
Workforce Management: HR Trends and Tools for Business Results

Management Issues:

Business.com: The Search Engine for Managing and Growing Your Business
Brint.com: The BizTech Network – Scroll way down on the page to Supplement Reference Sections to see many links to every business and management topic imaginable. Whenever you click on a topic, though, you will have to scroll down through about 4 screens of information before you get to the topic you selected.
The Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for Managers – Has a number of articles on ethics; scroll down to select an article
FindLaw for Small Business – Topics include starting a business, legal forms, employment law, contracts, accounting, and other business issues.

Management Professional Sites:

American Management Association
Free Management Library – Links to over 50 management topics, including ethics, fundraising, career guidance, development, leadership, etc.


KnowThis.com: Knowledge Source for Marketing – How-to articles on market research, marketing plans, internet marketing; articles on 130 marketing topics; marketing news, etc.
Marketing – From About.com

Organizational Behavior and Culture:

Team Building – Basics of team building and being an effective team member
Team Doc: Team Building – Tips and articles on teams, along with books to purchase

Taxes and Accounting:

Tax and Accounting Sites Directory