Female Healthcare Administrator on the phone

17 Best Entry-Level Medical Jobs in 2021

Best Entry-Level Medical Jobs: Healthcare Administrator – $118,000 Medical Scientist – $101,000 Registered Nurse – $80,000 Occupational Therapy Assistant – $63,000 Physical Therapist Assistant – $59,000 Medical Laboratory Technician – $55,000 Surgical Technologist – $51,000 Licensed Practical Nurse – $50,000 Billing & Coding Specialist – $48,000 Health Information Technician – $44,000 Dental Assistant – $42,000 […]

Physical therapist working with patient

How to Become an Occupational Therapy Assistant

Duties, Responsibilities, Schooling, Requirements, Certifications, Job Outlook, and Salary Millions of people around the world deal with injuries, illnesses, or disabilities that have an impact on their ability to function at work as well as everyday life. Fortunately, there’s an entire career field dedicated to helping people maintain or regain the skills, strength, and abilities […]