Healthcare professional irrigating a patient's ear

Step-by-Step Guide to Ear Irrigation

Learn about the procedures, steps, risks, and requirements involved with ear irrigation. Our bodies produce ear wax, clinically known as cerumen, to clean and protect the ear. Wax works in concert with the tiny hairs in the ears to trap dust and other foreign particles that could damage the deeper structures in the ear, such […]

Healthcare professional examining stitches

Step-by-Step Guide to Placing and Removing Sutures

Learn about the procedures, steps, risks, and requirements involved with stitching. If a wound or incision is large, you’ll need sutures to close it. There are different types of sutures and techniques for closing a wound. The words “sutures” and “stitches” are often used interchangeably, but that’s inaccurate. A suture is the actual medical device […]

Healthcare professional preparing to intubate

Step-by-Step Guide to Intubation

Learn about the procedures, steps, risks, and requirements involved with intubation. When someone cannot breathe independently, intubation can help save their life. Intubation is when a healthcare provider inserts a breathing tube through the patient’s mouth or nose into the trachea. This keeps the trachea open, allowing air to get into the lungs. The tube […]

African-American professional counseling a patient

A Step-by-Step Guide to Patient Education and Counseling

Learn about the procedures and methods involved with patient education and counseling. In the healthcare universe, nurses usually have the most interaction with patients. They are often the point of contact between the hospital/medical team and the patient. As such, they have a crucial role in patient education and counseling. This is much more than […]

Pediatric mannequin with a tracheostomy

Step-by-Step Master’s Guide to Tracheostomy Care

Learn the procedures, risks, and requirements of tracheostomy care. When a patient’s breathing is either blocked or severely reduced, it may be necessary to perform a tracheostomy to deliver oxygen directly to the lungs through a hole in the neck. The entry hole and breathing tube are known as tracheostomy. While a surgeon performs the […]

Healthcare professional performing a blood transfusion

Step-by-Step Master’s Guide to Blood Transfusions

Learn the procedures, risks, and requirements of blood transfusions. Whether a patient has lost blood during surgery or injury or an illness is preventing the proper production of blood, a blood transfusion can correct the situation. A transfusion introduces donated blood into the patient’s circulatory system. Blood transfusions are safe and rarely involve complications. As a […]