Student practicing measuring a baby's head with a baby simulation mannequin. Instructor looking on.

Why Medical Assistants Should Join a Professional Organization

Medical assistants are vitally important to any healthcare facility or private practice. They assist doctors and nurses by performing a wide array of both clinical and administrative tasks, from checking vitals and drawing blood to recording patient medical histories and scheduling tests. However, a medical assistant who is new to the field may not have […]

Shevonne Scott

At Brookline College, you will learn from qualified instructors and professionals committed to seeing their students succeed –like the Dean of Nursing, Shevonne Scott. Dean Scott was the Chief Nurse in the military for 20 years before she started working at Brookline. “I’ve been at Brookline for almost two years and I love it,” says […]

Instructor holding a collected sample

Brookline College Faculty Spotlight: Abby Sotelo, Medical Assisting

Abby Sotelo, Medical Assisting Abigail “Abby” Sotelo has taken her career as a medical assistant to the next level; since September 2019 she has been teaching medical assisting at Brookline College in Albuquerque—and she loves it. A certified medical assistant since 2012, Sotelo says, “I decided I wanted to give teaching a shot, and I’ve […]

Woman in grey scrubs with arms folded

Why Are Nurses in Such High Demand?

Have you noticed the wait time for an appointment to see your doctor is getting longer and longer? Well, you’re not alone. As America’s population ages, the demand for physicians is outweighing the supply. If you’re lucky, the receptionist at your doctor’s office will say, “You can’t see the doctor until a week from Tuesday, but I […]

Graphic of nurse's scrubs and stethoscopes

Changing careers? Leverage your bachelor’s degree and fast track into a nursing career.

Raise your hand if, at age 18, you thought you knew what you wanted to do for the rest of your life. If your hand is raised, have you since reconsidered your career choice? If so, you are not alone. Many people today are finding that the career they trained for has become obsolete or […]

Students working on computers

Train on Campus or Online for a Career in Medical Office Administration

Doctors and dentists spend many years training to develop the knowledge and skills required to care for patients and earn their trust. If your doctor or dentist operates in private practice, chances are that he or she would be lost without the help of the frontline office employee: the medical office administrator. Often called a […]